January 20, 2019
Prague Dance Festival
As an annual event, the New Prague Dance Festival provides a platform for aspiring dancers to showcase their dance styles. It beautifully reflects the vision of David and Roberta, the organizers, to bring diverse cultures together. While it is a competition, the bonhomie and a genuine desire to learn about other art forms is what defines the spirit of this festival.

From the 1st to the 6th July 2010, 3 students of The Dance Centre, Delhi took part at the 14th New Prague Dance Festival, Czech Republic. They presented ‘Rhythms’, a peppy fast paced choreography on a Shankar Mahadevan number, ‘Dheemtana.’ The second choreography was based on Meera’s devotion for Krishna. With a combination of footwork and ‘abhinaya’ this won the applause of many and even an award in the second place in the “Theatre in Dance” category. The third was an ‘Aarti’ , a diya dance with a brief explanation through a audio visual projection.
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A glimpse of the show
New Prague Dance Festival Prague, July 1 - 6, 2010 
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