February 19, 2019
About Jyotsna Shourie
Jyotsna Shourie wears her dedication to her art lightly, but there is no mistaking her deep, abiding commitment to Bharata Natyam. Dance she says has “encouraged me to delve into our literature and mythology, taught me to understand classical music, to express my thoughts and to enrich my students with a love for dance.” As with any artist, her art and culture are expressions of life, they are the lens through which she views life. Dance, she believes, evolves everyday through the themes that she works with, through her students and through the influence of other art forms and cultures.
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The Danseuse
Jyotsna began learning Bharata Natyam at the age of six, and completed her formal learning at the Sri Rajarajeshwari Bharata Natya Kala Mandir, Mumbai. She humbly acknowledges the huge debt that she owes to her Guru Sri Kalyanasunderam Pillai. She has had the good fortune also to learn from eminent gurus in Delhi and Chennai, including Guru Venkataraman, Guru Nana Kasar, Shri Krishna Kumar and Shri Narsimhachari.

At her Arangetram, which was held when she was ten years old, The Times of India prophesied that she would “emerge a star as luminous as any in this firmament.” Since then, Jyotsna has held performances all over the country and has participated in cultural festivals all over the world, emerging as a cultural ambassador for the dance form and for India.
The Teacher
She established The Dance Centre, Delhi in 1990 as a learning center for the skills and values of Bharata Natyam. The basic teaching is in the traditional manner, following the tenements laid down in the Natya Shastra. These principles are then applied to selected contemporary themes that her young students can relate to.

Her students’ have presented solo performances and taken part in dance ballets with her. They have received accolades for their performances at national and international venues including Rome, Florence, the Vatican City and the Czech Republic. Dance Centre productions have been aired on national networks, including most recently Star Over Bethlehem on national television.
The Choreographer
Every project by renowned danseuse and choreographer Jyotsna Shourie reflects her powerful vision for her art: that of widening the boundaries of traditional Bharata Natyam through varied influences. Jyotsna has choreographed many dance dramas, some purely classical, and others with contemporary themes. She has introduced audio-visual media, carols & gospel singing, bhajans even tap dancing into Dance Centre productions. Each production takes her towards her goal of perpetuating the heritage that is Bharata Natyam.
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