May 30, 2024
About Jyotsna Shourie
Jyotsna has been engaged with the art of Bharatanatyam from her childhood and now 6 decades later her involvement has only grown. Dance she says has “encouraged me to delve into our literature and mythology, taught me to appreciate classical music, to express my thoughts through abstract movements and mime, to pen lyrics and narratives, but most of all to enrich my students with an abiding love for dance which will stay with them throughout their lives.” Dance she believes evolves every day, through the themes that she works with. Some child centric, like Alice in Wonderland, Noddy in Nrityaland, the Sound of Music and the Birth of Jesus……others more adult in nature like the erotic poems of the Gitagovindam by Jayadeva, the 12th Century poet, or religious hymns like the Krishna Chalisa and the Radha Chalisa, being dramatised in dance with bhajan singing and audio visuals to compliment the entire 40 line prayer. Jyotsna’s themes that she brings to an audience combines creative excellence, aesthetic beauty and a global vision , as she attempts to demystify traditional dance and make it appealing not only to the connoisseur but to the lay person as well.
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Arushi Malhotra, 17-12-2017

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