June 19, 2024
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The graceful art of Bharatanatyam originated in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu and has a history spanning over 5000 years. Till today it is revered as a popular art form, seen not only throughout India but in many corners of the world.

It is with the intention of perfecting and nurturing this classical dance that Jyotsna Shourie founded The Dance Centre . Here students gets an opportunity to learn and hone their skills of dance in a comfortable and amicable atmosphere and form long lasting friendships.

Students are coached in small groups and classes are held twice a week for an hour each at the home studio at A 31 West End Colony, New Delhi 110021. Jyotsna personally conducts these classes with the help of 2 assistant dance teachers.
The earliest a child should start learning Bharatanatyam is 5 years. There is no upper age bar but the younger you start the better. At the Dance Centre a novice goes through the rigors of learning the basic adavus or abstract movements, the complex rhythms, as well as the expressive emotions and hand gestures associated with the dance. In order to gain confidence an Annual Day performance is held yearly where all students participate and display their newly taught dance items.
The solo debut known as the arangetram is normally done after a period of 6 to 7 years depending on age and ability. This is a special occasion as family and friends are invited to watch a repertoire of dances that constitute a traditional Bharatanatyam performance . Thereafter the student graduates to a higher level from where she is well equipped to become a established Bharatanatyam performer.
During the training period, the student, although she may not have performed her arangetram is encouraged to take part in competitions and productions that are organized by The Dance Centre. This gives them the opportunity to showcase their art both nationally and internationally.

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